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LINK:  NCHA Rule 35C: Conduct By and Between Members The NCHA expects all members to conduct themselves with proper decorum at all NCHA events. The following activities are strictly prohibited.  READ MORE

LINK:  RULE 35: ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY Inhumane treatment or abuse of a horse in any manner is strictly prohibited.  READ MORE

supervise children at bccha eventsPoints are awarded based on the CCHA point system.  At BCCHA shows there must be at least 2 entries in a class to make the class run.  At CCHA and NCHA shows there must be three entrants to make the class run.  When two or more fresh cattle regular classes are combined on the first day of a two day cutting, the order will be reversed on the second show day.  Jackpot and used cattle classes will always follow the fresh cattle classes and regular classes.

MEMBERSHIPS - Riders and Owners must have memberships for each approving Affiliate; BCCHA, CCHA and NCHA.  ALL BCCHA Members must be Horse Council BC members, unless they have insurance through their own province, state or affiliate association!!

For our 3 JACKPOT CLASSES we use the following rules:

$750 PROGRESSIVE HORSE - Any rider, horse has less than $750 in any cutting events, one handed class, rider can stop horse on ends, no training aids, all other judging rules apply.

$750 PROGRESSIVE RIDER - Rider has earned less than $750 in any cutting events, can ride any horse, one handed class, no training aids, all judging rules apply.

NERVOUS NOVICE RIDER - Rider and horse have earned less than $200 lifetime in cutting, ride two handed or one, no training aids.

CLASS ELIGIBILITY - Earnings are checked for Rider/Owner and Horses from BCCHA, CCHA and NCHA databases. Aged Event earning are not included in $ eligibilities.


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