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Membership Form    Sponsorship Brochure

President ~Brent Stewart   (604) 306-7367   Email

Past President ~ Penelope Broad

Vice-President ~ Lois Clough

Secretary/Treasurer ~ Cheri Smeeton 728 Belmonte Terrace, Kamloops, B.C.  V2H 0C6     Email

Show Secretary ~ Barb Stuart

BCCHA Directors ~ Deborah Anderson, Jeannie Calver, Robin Dubord, Kathi Fisher, Cathie Moffat, Larissa Price, Travis Rempel, 

CCHA Directors ~ Amanda Fill, Binky Moffat, Sandy Price & Doug Wiens

Mission Statement

  • We aim to be the best at what we are in British Columbia, a friendly, supportive organization dedicated to introducing and promoting the intelligence, training, breeding and athleticism of the the Cutting Horse.
  • We aim to provide professionally run events, balanced between camaraderie and competitiveness.
  • We aim to encourage skill development in cutting, and have training professionals that are members of our association.
  • We aim to inspire an atmosphere where individuals can compete, have fun, develop relationships and encourage each other to new successes.

to visit the National Cutting Horse Association
to visit Canadian Cutting Horse Association

What is Cutting?

“Cutting is a judged event where a horse and rider must demonstrate their skill by separating a single cow from a herd and keep it from returning.  For a timed 2.5 minutes the team of rider and horse must demonstrate the natural ability of a cow horse to track and read that cow to prevent it from returning to the herd.  Cutting has turned into a competitive sport that originated from ranching.”

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